Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Dean's List

Several blogs and newspapers wrote about last November's event to benefit the outreach ministry and programs of the Southport (Connecticut) Congregational Church, "Rooms with a View, 2010".  This past year it honored Albert Hadley, the "Dean of American Design" with the collection of vignettes titled "The Dean's List".  Albert Hadley was my Best Boss Ever, but I had not started my blog in time to write about the event.

The current February "Architectural Digest" features a short article on the event, however, so I considered that eligible for a posting.  The photos above and below come from that magazine in an article written by Mitchell Owens titled "Master Class".  My friend and sometimes collaborator Thomas Jayne had a very small space decorated by fabulous inkblots, like a Rorshach test.  I provided a sketch of his ideas for the space as the illustration for the catalog that accompanied the exhibition, so I had a hint of what was to come.  But the results were fantastic in reality, as all, including Mr. Hadley, agreed.
Other friends who participated were Libby Cameron, Susanne Earls Carr, David Kleinberg, Brian McCarthy, Michael Whaley, and Bunny Williams.  Others, who were either before or after my tenure at Parish-Hadley, were Pamela Banker, David Easton, Thom Filicia, Harry Heissman, and Brian Murphy.  Five more vignettes are shown in the article, all showing an influence of the great Albert Hadley, so take a look at the magazine, now on news stands.  It is a treat for the devoted classicist.


  1. Thanks for the heads up! Will look for the issue.

  2. I have never met Mitchell Owens, but I must say he is a stand-out among the writers for decorating magazines, one of the few that actually knows anything about history, people, and interior design. He will prove to be a great, much needed asset to the staff of "Architectural Digest", I am sure.

  3. I attended this lovely event. It was a very festive evening and (despite the dreadful weather) everyone was out in force. The vignettes were terrific and Thomas Jayne's was one of my favorites - the walls were indeed fabulous!!

  4. Good morning -
    I am trying to find your email contact info in vain. We awarded your blog the Stylish Blogger award today - here's the post:


  5. Sounds like a fun event with an abundance of talent to boot. Welcome to blogging, I too am new (only 10 days old) but enjoying it very much! I see we were both featured on whitehaven interiors which was such an honor. Lovely blog, hope you will check mine too. Its about the building of our new home and my love for decor and design. Good luck and enjoy:)

  6. Thank you, Helen and Jane Douglas, for this honor. As you know, I am a regular reader of your blog and particular enjoy your House of the Week feature.

  7. this sounds like a fabulous event.


  8. Thank you for visiting my blog. The inkblot walls are completely original, beautiful and creative. I would love to hear how he made them and what materials they used. Welcome to the bloggy world.

  9. Liz, Thomas's original thought was to have book matched, crotch grain wood veneer panels. But he wanted a more feminine effect since he was making it a space for a lady. So he called on his decorative painter Chuck Hettinger to create this colorful confetti-like effect. Although it is a simple technique, it requires skill to pull it off with such success. Acrylic paint was applied to one half of watercolor paper and then folded to create the inkblot.


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