Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Living Room Floor Plan and Sitting Room

Photo of Sitting Room tabletop detail by Pieter Estersohn.
A friend who is a regular reader of The Devoted Classicist asked if I could show the floor plan of the Living Room featured in the previous post.  Normally, I would not for the sake of privacy, but since the photographs had appeared in Southern Accents magazine and my clients no longer live there, I am showing the furniture plan for purposes of education and record.  To fill out the post, I am including a couple of shots of the adjacent Sitting Room as well.

One thing about Southern Accents that I never cared for was the amount of coverage given to the "artsy" shots for which the magazine became notorious.  It would be interesting to know the number of times that a magnolia blossom was featured.  So now I am guilty of the same mis-use, including the first photo simply because it satisfies the Blogger template for thumbnails!  Please forgive my editorial lapse in judgement.

The Sitting Room photographed by Pieter Estersohn.
This Sitting Room, a step down from the Living Room and looking out to the west over the deep extent of gardens, was a much-admired space.  The office of Josie McCarthy is responsible for the interior design here and none of the contributions by John Tackett Design are visible in the photo.  The sofa fabric by Colefax & Fowler is one of my favorites, however.

Drawing by John Tackett Design.
The floor plan of the Living Room featured in the previous post with the folding screen is shown here.  It is a proposed plan that was changed slightly for the final appearance that appeared in the Southern Accents magazine article.  The main difference is that the floor was covered with a patterned sisal wall to wall with antique oriental rugs added on top, a very effective scheme that added charm and helped prevent the room from being stuffy or pretentious.  And the coordinating antique rugs in the adjacent Entrance Hall and Sitting Room helped visually link those spaces.  Normally, the Living Room would have to accomodate enough seating to match the Dining Room, but that requirement was eased here because of the adjacent Sitting Room, Garden Room, and Library beyond.


  1. Thanks so much for the floor plan. It helps so much. Who has time to puzzle things out from magazine photos?

  2. Terry, because of ownership and use issues with Blogger, there are limitations as to what can be shown on the blogs. But I appreciate seeing plans as well, so I will present plans, at least in part, as feasible.

  3. I like the sitting room tabletop detail, it is a great photo.

  4. Thank you, Mike. I neglected to mention that the Lady of the House created the flower arrangements.

  5. The full height curtains in the above photo with valances on top clearly define the big opening. It kind of helps to filter out some direct sunlight. Thanks a lot for sharing the photo and the plan as well. My only concern is why is the sofa kept right in front of the big window?

  6. The photo in this post is the Sitting Room adjacent to Living Room and the shot is taken through the opening from the Living Room. There is also an opening to the Garden Room with the Chinese panels and a door to an elaborately fitted media closet. So the answer is that it is a relatively small existing room and the sofa is placed in the only location it would fit. In the additions, there are many more opportunities to enjoy access to the garden, so it was not a priority here.


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