Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Brian J McCarthy: Picture of Perfection

Brian J. McCarthy
The handsome, art-filled apartment of interior designer Brian J McCarthy and his partner Daniel Sager is featured in the January-February issue of VERANDA magazine.  Brian and I were co-workers at Parish-Hadley and the previous time I saw the apartment it was full of P-H Alumni.  Brian and Danny had graciously hosted the gathering in November, 2005, to celebrate the 85th birthday of Albert Hadley.
The Living Room of designer Brian J. McCarthy
in the January-February, 2012 issue of VERANDA magazine.

The Devoted Classicist highly recommends the article which gives a much better presentation than is possible here.  But this writer could not resist offering congratulations on a job well done.
The Dining Room of Brian J. McCarthy.

The Master Bedroom in the apartment of Brian J. McCarthy.

The Guest Room in the apartment of Brian J. McCarthy.

The first photo of Brian is from Elle Decor and all the other photos of his apartment, along with others, are from the VERANDA article produced by Carolyn Englefield, written by Kate Bolick, and photographed by Max Kim-Bee.  Favored rate magazine subscriptions are available here.  More information about Brian J. McCarthy, Inc. may be seen at the website bjminc.com.
A detail of the Dining Room of Brian J. McCarthy
showing a Georges Jacob chair against a Venetian plaster wall.


  1. Very nicely done! All images are showing rooms that are fine examples of what good taste is.

  2. Gorgeous design and classic elements. Do you have any idea of who might have designed the bench at the end of the bed? The lines are pure and simple and perfect. Thank you. Mary

  3. Thank you for commenting, MLHB.

    Mary, the text says that the bench is a Belgian antique.

  4. Brian has only gotten more handsome with the passing years...


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