Friday, November 9, 2012

The Unseen Rex Whistler

Devoted Readers in London in the next few weeks are in for a very special treat.  The noted decorating and antiques firm Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler is hosting a remarkable free exhibition of works by artist Rex Whistler from private collections and most have not been previously exhibited.
The exhibit, held in conjunction with the release of a new book IN SEARCH OF REX WHISTLER: HIS LIFE AND HIS WORK, will be held in the famous Yellow Room that had once served as part of the living quarters of legendary interior decorator Nancy Lancaster (a partner in the business founded by Sibyl Colefax).

A general view of the Yellow Room at 39 Brook Street
during the occupancy of Nancy Lancaster.
The room has long been without the legendary decorator's furnishings, of course, but it is still interesting to see.  It is a "must" for all devoted classicists.

The Rex Whistler murals at 36 Hill Street, Mayfair,
as published in Country Life magazine, 1939.

See the recent posts about the art of the brilliant Rex Whistler in The Devoted Classicist by clicking on the title:  Rex Whistler Murals, More of the Artistry of Rex Whistler, and Rex Whistler's Circle.  To see more information about the new book by Mirabel Cecil and Hugh Cecil or to order at a discount from the list price, click on the title:  IN SEARCH OF REX WHISTLER: HIS LIFE AND HIS WORK.


  1. PGT, you don't know how much I would like to see the exhibit, but it is out of the question at present. However, I encourage a rendezvous for others.

  2. Would so love to be able to pop along to this but a bit hard from Oz.
    I visited the yellow room when Nancy was still in residence in the early 80 's. It was sheer heaven

    1. Thank you for commenting, Bumble. That must have been a treat.

    2. I was at the Inchbald School at the time and it did have a lasting effect even tough I suppose I was of that persuasion in the decorating dept.

      I so love your blog, all the things one wants to read about especially while waiting for the above book to arrive from London

  3. Dear John,
    My first visit to your exquisite blog feels like a browse through my favorite magazine clippings and books! I will never tire of seeing Rex Whistler's work, or Nancy Lancaster's yellow room, or most everything you've discussed in the posts I've read so far. Thank you for this-- I'm sure I'll enjoy visiting often!
    Best regards,

    1. Thanks, Erika. I hope you'll become one of the Devoted Readers.

  4. Dear Mr Tackett,
    Just stumbled by chance upon your blog, and very delighted I did. I am a great fan of Whistler
    and only wish I were in London for this marvelous exhibition.
    With very best regards,

    1. 1904, welcome. I hope you'll become a Devoted Reader of this blog.


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