Friday, March 15, 2013

TEFAF Maastricht

A pair of 'soldier' vases and covers,
Qing dynasty, Yongzheng period,
circa 1730 to 1735, height:  135 cm.
Provenance:  Edmund de Rothschild.
Jorge Welsh Oriental Porcelain & Works of Art

The European Fine Arts Fair started today and continues through March 24, 2013, in Maastricht, Netherlands.  It is the 26th year for the world famous sale that bills itself as "The Fair That Defines Excellence in Art."  Collectors and museum representatives are intently examining the wares of 360 gallery owners from twenty countries.  My Memphis friends Lucy and Tom are there, but I am limited to admiring only a sampling from each of the dealers from the fair's website.  If I were in attendance, here are some items that I would give a closer look.
'Arcadian Landscape with a Temple' by Pierre Patel the Elder,
circa 1645 to 1650, 45.5 x 63.5 cm.
Previously thought to be lost.
Didier Aaron & Cie

George II green lacquer bureau bookcase,
attributed to Giles Grendey, circa 1730.
Cresting and mirror plate later, lacquer restored in places.
Greek island marble, 25 5/8 in high,
Late Hellenistic - Early Roman Imperial
1st century BC to 1st century AD
Provenance:  Irene von Ohlendorf
Gordian Weber Kunsthandel
Tripod attributed to Thomas Hope,
England, early 19th century, 68.5 cm high.
H. Blairman & Sons Ltd.
A pair of pinecone floor lamps by Alberto Giacometti,
Circa 1936, bronze with gilt patina.
Provenance:  Countess Mona Bismark
L'Arc en Seine
A pair of 'Mix' armchairs by Kaare Klint, 1931.
Cuban mahaogany, Niger leather, brass studs.
Galere Dansk Mobelkunst
A strict vetting procedure is undertaken before an item may be exhibited, but more items expected to make the cut may be viewed here.  (Prices are not given, so do not let cost dampen your enthusiasm for looking).  Do you, Devoted Reader, have a favorite?


  1. Love the leather armchairs by Klint. I hope to see this market for myself someday...

    1. Jane, I could see those chairs used with great success in any number of settings. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Of what you show here, Herakles, is my favourite. I have just the place for it but, unfortunately, the statue is in Maastricht (beautiful city, by the way) and I'm thousands of miles away nothing, of course, to do with the price probably being more "than I'd like to pay." I just wish I knew of a place that sold plaster to-scale replicas of such things.

    1. Blue, perhaps another Devoted Reader knows a source for good plaster reproductions so we both can satisfy our classical yearnings within a budget.

  3. I echo all of your choices. Alberto (and Diego) Giacometti have been one of my passions for many years--but the Chinese jars are exceptional. It's impossible to choose a favorite.

    1. Mary, it is hard to choose just one when money is no consideration, isn't it? I am sure I would enjoy the challenge, however, to consider all the thousands of museum-quality items at the fair. Thanks for commenting.

  4. The marble statue and the chairs. Here we have good reproductions of Khmer sandstone statues, (including the lost bits). I don't know how the makers would fare with copying a Greek statue, but it is after all the body of a man, so I expect they'd be pretty good at it.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Columnist. There are apparently a huge number of workshops in China that can replicate anything, but I don't want a 1,000 (unless some of you would like to go in on an order).

  5. I love the soldier covered jars from de Rothschild collection!

    1. Dean, those jars would be a valued addition to any room, wouldn't they? Thanks for your comment.

  6. Oh, don' torture us, John! Impossible to choose just one. In fact I'd like
    one of EACH. Though admit to being really taken with those leather armchairs...

  7. Toby, those chairs do have a smart, sculptural form, don't they? I appreciate your comments.


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