Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas, 2013

Best wishes for a very

Merry Christmas

and a happy New Year!

My special thoughts go out this time of year to my Devoted Readers and those who just happen upon The Devoted Classicist blog.  2013 has been a year to remember, with as many ups as well as downs.  But that is life.  Although there is still a lot in store for me during the remainder of the year, I can hardly wait for what 2014 will bring.
The sketch for this year's card is from studies done for a series of new house designs for 'Empty Nesters' and those wanting a smaller residence but still one with architectural features to coordinate with their artwork and furnishings.  Sizes would range from about 1800 square feet to 2800 square feet.  Although the project has yet to really get off the ground, I feel that there is still great potential in many parts of the country.
Again, many thanks for your readership.  You are all greatly appreciated.
__ John J. Tackett


  1. I always enjoy your high-quality articles, and am looking forward to 2014's complement.

    Have a great holiday season.

  2. Merry Christmas, John. Thanks for a great year of articles.

    1. Simon, I appreciate your commenting. Many thanks.

  3. Happy holidays to you, and thank you for a year of greatly informative posts!

    1. Columnist, it is all a great pleasure. Best for 2014.

  4. John,
    What an elegant drawing! TDC is one of my favorite blogs-
    Happy 2014!


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