Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Duchess of Alba's Honeymoon

Returning to Seville after their honeymoon, Alfonso Diez and Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, the Duchess of Alba, shown here with Carmen Tello, right, who was the Matron of Honor at their wedding.
For those still wanting more on the billionaire newlywed Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, the Duchess of Alba, photos of her honeymooning in France have surfaced in the Spanish magazine HOLA!
Les Pres d'Eugenie.
The couple were guests at Les Pres d'Eugenie, a luxury hotel in the hamlet of Eugenie-les-Baines in southwestern France.  The area is so named because it was favored by Empress Eugenie de Montijo, the wife of Napoleon III, and the sister of Cayetana's great-grandmother.
Les Pres d'Eugenie.
Owned by celebrity chef Michel Guerard, the restaurant is well-known for excelling in three cuisines:  the slimming spa menu, the extraordinary gourmet food, and the traditional country cooking.
Les Pres d'Eugenie.
In case readers of The Devoted Classicist have wondered, here is how the Duchess looked in 1956:
Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, 1956.
All the color photos are from HOLA! magazine, available by subscription here.


  1. Beautiful and tranquil place for a honeymoon. and my, what a difference a "few" years make ¿no?

  2. Interesting to see the duchess downsizing for her honeymoon!

  3. HRHTDoS, it is an argument for letting nature take its course, is it not?

    L, I have never been to that part of France, but it looks lovely. Perhaps the idea was to go somewhere (relatively) more casual, as a change of pace from one's own palace.

  4. bless her heart... she looked like lady gaga when she was younger.

  5. Meg, Gaga would like that tiara, quite the crown.

  6. Bravo to the Duquesa!! Those zebra and horn chairs......leave me speechless. Thanks for the update. Mary

  7. John, Meg et all! who wouldn't like that tiara! I call that a "festivity crown"!! And I have 3! (mine are made of silk flowers, birds nests with eggs, swans......abalone shells....... (another post. It is amazing..the stories of my life make my posts!)

    Now hers is a different story.....but it gives me the same feeling! She wore a "festivity crown!"

    She is and was a beautiful woman. I wish them true happiness! And I have high hopes!

    There is a really great; really true love story in the US with the gorgeous actress "Arlene Dahl" I met her as a teenager ;she was a friend of my godmother's in Hancock Park in Los Angeles); I was 13. (I thought she was "older" she was probably 35 or something) HA!!! True!

    In any case; she has been happily married to Mark (maybe Marc) Rosen for many happy years! I know he is way younger...he worships her...and she is still gorgeous.....and I am 64! So who knows how old she was and is? And who cares! It's the "fun factor" I am convinced of it!
    She is always genuinely smiling (from the heart) in every picture of her! And so is he!

    Just my comment!

  8. Yowzers! Covering those antler chairs.........(I am pretty sure those are American.........I saw many of them in a ranch in Santa Ynez years ago).......It doesn't matter where the heck they are from.....putting zebra pattern on them.....is beyond!

    This woman is chic and courageous!

    I earnestly hope she stays away from the plastic surgeons! From now on!

    Fabulous post!

  9. MJH, thank you for commenting. These days, I am more into animal patterns on velvet and needlepoint than actual hides, so I have mixed feelings about those chairs.

    Penelope, I agree that personal happiness, regardless of what others think, is the ultimate. Sometimes chronological age is not as important as that inner time clock.


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