Saturday, March 10, 2012

At Home With Me & Mrs Jones

The Devoted Classicist is fortunate to know several talented decorative painters in Memphis, but certainly none more charming than Stephanie Jones whose delightful blog, me & mrs. jones, is featured in the Blog Roll.  (This is in the right-hand margin if you are viewing this in the standard format, which I hope you are.  Other versions, leave out many features, unfortunately).

Stephanie and her husband Epps are the most welcoming and gracious hosts imaginable, and their hospitality really adds to the enjoyment of being a guest in their home.  Their Living Room is featured in the current issue of R.S.V.P. Memphis Magazine in the "Room View" article.  The two page essay by Kelly Cox with photos by Steve Roberts tells more of the story, so take a look at the link.  The drama of the very dark blue walls might be hard to appreciate without experiencing it in person, but it is a success.  In fact, the whole house is filled with artistic painting, as you might imagine.  Not the least appreciated is the little Powder Room whose walls are glazed in a huge Buffalo Check.  The Kitchen is a favorite, too;  Stephanie is an accomplished cook!

Me & Mrs. Jones sells paint and associated supplies in addition to providing instructional classes, so be sure to check out Stephanie's website and her new shop/studio.


  1. John, Great post! Please ask Mrs. Jones if she knows of Amy Howard, who has created an empire from painting and painted furniture. Also, I mentioned you today in Dean Farris Style, regarding my post on french empire revival style. Hope you enjoy it!

    Dean Farris

  2. Dean, everyone in Memphis knows Amy because of her well-advertised retail outlets here for her line. Also, her sister Mindy who has several retail dealer venues for antiques and decorative items.

    Thanks for your invitation to comment on your blog. I always have something to say about new traditional residential design!


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