Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Finishing Touches

For The Devoted Classicist, the perfect finishing touch to a room is a dog or two, plus maybe a cat.  This is not to say that one needs to have a pet as an decorative accessory, of course, but nothing adds more to a room than one's most devoted family member.  The image above is the Family Room of clients in Highland Park, Dallas, a delightful couple for which I have had the enviable position of working with several times previous to this renovation.  The project was a collaboration with the highly regarded Dallas firm, Josie McCarthy Associates. 
Bunny and John's dogs in the Kitchen of their Connecticut home.
Of course, it is hard to talk about dogs, decoration, and delightful couples without mentioning Bunny Williams and John Rosselli.  Bunny's wonderful book, AN AFFAIR WITH A HOUSE, surely the best book of its type, includes a chapter on dogs and interior design. 
Bunny and John's dog on a sofa in the Barn guesthouse.
It can be ordered at a discount, here.  (Despite the note to the contrary, it is available on the site if a price is given on the detail sheet, but not with the option of free shipping).


  1. John,

    I so agree with you about pets...they add that indefinable sense of a real home, and not just another expensive showplace.


  2. If Bunny Williams doesn't sell those pillows at Treillage, she should!

  3. I agree, Charlotte. (By the way, a couple of devoted readers -- whose advice I greatly appreciate -- tell me I should be saying 'cushions').

  4. No! say pillows! It is very "non-U" to say "cushions"!

    Ha! That should lead to some good will love it! Cushions are for the seats of chairs; and or sofas.

    (Pedantic to use that word that way!!

    Brilliant post.....and brilliant job!
    We are constantly being bombarded by mediocrity and those dreadful classes they are teaching at "design schools" using CAD and computers for everything!!

    True decorators (I am quite proud of the term........don't anyone tell me I need to call myself a designer.....the last one was some 18 year old in the sample department of a fabric house..........25 years ago. I have not been back. Haven't missed it, either!)

    Don't go there! "pillows" take a minute and read Sister...and Keith Irvine.......(did he do pillows???)

    Do not give in, I beg you!
    ! I am plotting how I can come to your talk! Atlanta???.......

  5. Keith Irvine , when he finished a project......gave a pillow......"What a dump!"

    I copy him!

    a quote from Bette Davis whom I met because of my mother-in-law. the coolest woman in the US!

  6. I object to "drapes" (which you would never, and have never said) I think insisting on "cushions" instead of off-base. (As you well know; I have an opinion on almost everything.)

    To me, "cushions" on the seats of chairs....or sofas........"pillows" are the "throw pillow' kinds of other fabrics; or the same fabrics.....(or sayings as in my very favorite pillow ever.)....

    Keith Irvine..when he finished a wonderful project (and he did so many wonderful beyond-belief houses.........I still swoon every time I open his book!!!!!)
    Keith would give as a gift to the client a pillow......upon completion of the divine creation.......the pillow said......."WHAT A DUMP!!!"

    I copy him!

    I have copied him ever since I read that.

    He appeared at the Pacific Design Center a few years ago. I stood in line for him to sign my book that he wrote......."A Life in Decoratiion "

    I had all these sticker markers in it......I had underlined and written all this stuff in the margins.........when I got close.......I thought......"Oh dear! maybe this is not good!?!)

    Then.....I was at the front. He looked at the book, and through the book,; and he looked up at me.....and he said........."Oh!! This is wonderful! You have gotten so much out of it!!!"

    I told him the truth...."I have read through this book six times.......I have never learned more from a book!" He was seemed.....and he didn't mind my writing all kinds of comments and stars in the margins!

    Mr. Tackett. Just my opinion; your use of the word pillows is satisfactory! Maybe things are different out here in the wilds of California.....but cushions are what we sit on!!
    Thank you for your wonderful; and always inspiring and informational blog!


  7. Excellent fireplace wall.

    I was traumatized by seventeen years spent with a truly mad (as in insane) Maine Coon Cat left behind by an ex bf. Seventeen years of damaged upholstery, shredded rugs, smashed bibelots and fur clogged vacuums. Only now five years after, am I even remotely ready to think of a cat as decoration again :-). Never was the revenge of an ex longer or more fully realized than those seventeen years.

  8. Dilettante, you'll notice I wrote "maybe a cat" to cover situations just such as yours. But you get cred for caregiving. Thank you for commenting.

  9. Penelope, thank you for commenting. I think there may be a bit of steam left in the pillow versus cushion discussion (for another day), but your thoughts are appreciated.

  10. A furry four-legged friend completes a house and makes it a home. One loves one's dear little companions, indeed. And one does, of course, love our blog, which is a must-read and an inspiration whenever published. Thank you! RD

  11. being a one year old Shi Tzu with my very own blog (and complete run of THEIR house), I couldn't agree more

  12. The two dogs in the first photo makes the room complete.

  13. Lindaraxa's sous chef is available by appointment...just in case you should need a furry prop.


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