Saturday, January 20, 2018

Thomas Jayne: Classical Principles for Modern Design

The Devoted Classicist has not retired, merely busy with a major John Tackett Design project that requires his undivided attention.  But here is a brief break to recognize the terrific new book just released by long-time friend and colleague Thomas Jayne.

The Dining Room of Crichel House, Dorset,
by architect James Wyatt, restored to its 1770s scheme by
Jayne Design Studio,
Photo: Paul Highnam, via The Monacelli Press
CLASSICAL PRINCIPLES FOR MODERN DESIGN is Thomas' answer to the game-changing 1897 book by Edith Wharton and Ogden Codman, Jr., THE DECORATION OF HOUSES, that is arguably the basis for our current concepts for interior design.  This new book follows the same chapter organization as the original, giving guidelines for walls, doors, windows and curtains, etc., plus new chapters that address kitchen design and color.

The Great Room in a house at Oyster Bay, Long Island.
Photo via Jayne Design Studio.
CLASSICAL PRINCIPLES FOR MODERN DESIGN uses new photographs, most taken expressly for this book, of projects by Jayne Design Studio New York to illustrate the points.
Thomas Jayne
There are some scheduled lectures and book signings that should not be missed if the opportunity arises at a location near you.  See the news at the office site Jayne Design Studio New York news.

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  1. Magnaverde says...

    Hi John.

    Thank you so much for the good news about TJ's new book. I am a long-time fan of his work, and I was hoping to meet him when I was in NYC next week. Unfortunately, I won't be going anywhere next week, because I'm coming down with the flu, and I don't want to infect a whole train-full of fellow-passengers to get there. But maybe I will recover in time to hear him speak when he gets out my way. Till then, his book will have to do.


    Bart Swindall.

  2. I will be anxious to discover Thomas Jayne's take on the classical Decoration of Houses, which certainly was a game-changer in the way Americans thought of interiors. Part of the fun of reading that book is in deciding what was contributed by Wharton and what by Codman.


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